10 Top Tips For Marketing

10 Top Tips for MarketingMarketing is critical to the success of any business and is an important effort in gaining prospect attention, building product or service demand and winning customers. Here are some top tips to help you improve marketing in your business:

1. Know Your Customer

You cant sell to them if you don’t know them!

2. Observe The Marketing Environment

Changes will happen in the environment and you must learn how to adapt to these changes and see the opportunities available.

3. Tailor Product/Service For Your Customers

Research what your customer needs and wants from your product or service, often we can presume we know best without having asked the customer.

4. Outstanding Customer Service

The process of conducting business is almost as important as the product or service you are offering. Word of mouth is a powerful selling tool and customer service is a great way to generate it.

5. Communication and Advertising Strategy

This is key to ensuring a sound marketing campaign, which will make the customers aware of a product they haven’t even heard of before.

6. Invest In Your Employees

Your employees are representing your business, look after them and give them the training they need to be the best they can be at there jobs.

7. Great Presentation

This is your customers first impression of you and can be influential in the decision making process and generating trust in your brand.

8. Have a Pricing Strategy

Don’t just price based on costs plus a margin. Look at what you are trying to achieve and what message you are giving out by setting your price at a certain level.

9. Respond Well To Complaints

This is your opportunity to turn the customer around, try to respond quickly and positively.

10. Have a Marketing Plan

Develop your strategy in the form of a written marketing plan, this will help ensure everyone in the business understands the direction the company is going.

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