Easter Charity Prize Draw

Easter Charity Prize Draw

We need your help!

Last week a Giant Chocolate Bunny escaped from Big Bag Jellies and hopped into our office. Never underestimate the effort it takes to chase a hopping mad 2ft Tall, 2.5kg Belgian Chocolate Bunny  (The team at ActionCOACH will be taking the stairs more often as a result).

When we called the Botanic Marketing Team at Big Bag Jellies to get them to collect their escaped bunny, they told us their hands were full chasing a rogue gingerbread man!  They suggested we use the bunny to raise much needed funds for Mary’s Meals who can feed a child for a year for only €15.60 in 15 of the poorest countries in the world. The cost of 1 restaurant lunch or a fancy easter egg  can feed a child for a year in countries like Haiti, Malawi, Kenya, Thailand, India and ensure they continue their education.

So there you have it, if you would like to offer a Giant Chocolate Bunny a home for Easter simply click here to make a donation.   Every donation no matter how big or small will be entered into next weeks Giant Bunny draw so please help us by donating today. This is fundraiser is to support the efforts of our good friend Stuart Sheehy who does so much great work as a volunteer with the Dublin Supporters of Mary’s Meals.

To learn more about the great work the volunteers at Mary’s Meals do in some of the poorest countries of the world watch the below video.

Every donation regardless of size is greatly appreciate, every penny counts. Please support by donating here.