Cost of Disengagement In Workplace

Cost of Disengagement In Workplace

33% Of All  Spend On Wages Is Wasted!

Employee engagement expert and managing director of ActionCOACH Business Coaching, Marina Bleahen describes why Irish businesses cannot afford to bury their heads in the sand with regards to employee engagement:

“It is a very real issue facing every business in 2018, the global pattern is getting worse. In 2017 €3,400 of every €10,000 spent on salaries in Ireland is wasted due to disengagement”

Dismal employee engagement is a global crisis facing employers. Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report reveals that 67% of employees are actively disengaged in their workplace costing almost €6 trillion euro in lost productivity. This is symptomatic of the fact that performance is being mismanaged across the board. Businesses cannot afford to ignore the need to invest in employee engagement as the new workforce are looking for fulfilment, development opportunities, continuous feedback and a coach rather than a boss who can meet the need for leveraging strengths rather than focusing on weaknesses.
According to Marina:

“Our message to businesses is not to focus on the negative but instead focus on the opportunity to immediately boost your bottom line by creating a culture of engagement in your company which increases productivity.”

Businesses who heeded this advice in 2017 reaped the benefits as ActionCOACH Irelands clients experienced 19% average increase in sales with 66% average increase in profits.

“Whilst 2017 was a fantastic year for our economy with the recovery giving way to a surge with 6.5% domestic growth, we are extremely proud of the fact that our clients significantly outperformed growth in the wider economy creating jobs along the way with 29% increase in employment amongst our clients.”

The remarkable performance of ActionCOACH’s clients has resulted in global CEO and founder, Brad Sugars being invited to join a stellar line up of the best business minds in the world at the annual Pendulum Summit in Dublin’s Convention Centre. Brad joins business powerhouses like Richard Branson on stage to share the ActionCOACH vision of growing prosperity amongst Irish businesses through business re-education.

“We are really excited about helping Irish business owners and leaders to take all that was positive in 2017 and to kick on in 2018. 2018 is not only about coaching our clients to success. We also have opportunities for new franchise partners, ideal for people who may have returned to the rat race after Christmas, and are seeking a change; are passionate about helping people achieve their success, and would like to reap financial rewards in what I have personally found to being an amazingly rewarding experience -it’s this love of helping people succeed that is at the heart of why we are successful.”

Whilst the increase in active disengagement in the workplace is alarming, Marina Bleahen is hell bent on helping Irish business owners to buck this global pattern by helping them to build better teams, improve performance and to stop losing money to disengagement!