The More You Learn, The More You Earn

The More You Learn, The More You Earn

The more you learn the more you earn

The statistics speak for themselves: the more you learn, the more you earn. OECD reports show that the gap between graduate and non-graduate salaries in developed nations is widening. Here in Ireland, this is reflected in average graduate starting salaries increasing to €28,461 – Grad Ireland, 2016. 

However learning is not exclusive to universities or to people in their early twenties.  It goes beyond qualifications. Learning is the process by which we acquire new knowledge and skills.  Whilst knowledge is a valuable resource the psychological benefits that result from combining knowledge with experience are even more powerful – Sense of Mastery. Sense of Mastery is identified by renowned developmental psychologist Erik Erikson as the catalyst that results in successfully developing through each life stage.

By committing to learn something new you are actively taking steps towards changing your life for the better.  Regardless of how small the learning, it increases your self esteem, confidence, sense of hope and optimism.  We require these key psychological resources in order to achieve success.  Successful people earn more because they choose to learn more.

Business Mastery

Mastery is the first step on a business coaching ladder that leads to results. When we build on a solid foundation there is no limit to what we can achieve. Therefore by mastering these 7 elements of your business you can turn it into a commercial, profitable enterprise that works without you. 

  1. Money Mastery – Knowing your historic , present & future numbers
  2. Break Even Mastery – Knowing how many sales, customers or euro you need to break even
  3. Reporting Mastery – Knowing your daily, weekly and monthly figures to make informed decisions for future
  4. Test & Measure Mastery – Predicting future profits  by measuring KPI’s in your business
  5. Time Mastery – Improving productivity of you and your people will determine your success and profitability.
  6. Goal Mastery – Having clarity about where you are going and where you are driving the business is vital to your success
  7. Self Mastery – Being disciplined to keep focused on achieving goals.

By the very fact you are reading this article proves you have the motivation to achieve success. If you are ready to work twice as hard to be successful – Stop! A better decision is to improve your knowledge, develop your business mastery and as a result turn your dream into reality. 

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