A website is a critical tool for any business, be it the Retail, B2B or Service Industry. It is not only your virtual shop window but is also your virtual sales person! And just like any sales person you employ, it’s important to get a good return on investment and convert more sales from your website.

Converting a chance visitor into a loyal customer is one of the main goals of your online marketing campaign. While an attractive website interface is important, there are some key adjustments you can make to increase your website’s sales conversion rate and convert more visitors into customers.

Here are 5 of our top tips to convert more sales from your website:

1.     Introduce a Live Chat Service

Give your potential visitor the chance to enjoy prompt and knowledgeable answers to their live-chatqueries regarding your products and services. A live chat service is a great way to grab their attention, capture their details, and ensure a high conversion rate.

Remember, current internet users want fast results, and if you won’t give them a prompt answering service, they will switch over to your competitor’s website.

2.     Images

Attractive product images are a must to grab the attention of a chance visitor to your website, and ensure they convert into a loyal customer. Besides product shots, images of people using your products or services also adds a touch of trust and sincerity to your brand, and helps your potential customer relate to your offering.

Good quality, attractive, engaging and inspiring images are a must to convert more sales from your website.

3.     Videos

Go the extra mile and add video to your website. Adding a visual element to your website is a great way to attract customers and stimulate interest in your offered products or services.

Video offers visitors to your website the chance to enjoy anaction-clapboard engaging experience, and promotes your offering through a preferred audio-visual format. There is no better way to make a decision on a product or service than to actually see it in action!

The videos on your websites can be introductory films of your entire portfolio of offered products, or could be be how to use guides for some of the most technical products you offer to your clients.

One of the best examples I have recently seen of this is the online clothing retailer ASOS. They allow potential customers watch a short video of the chosen product on a model walking down the catwalk. The impact this simple function has over a flat image is huge! It allows potential customers to really see the pros and cons of your potential purchase and is in fact an equal exercise in both customer service and selling power.

4.     Know Your Audience

It is very important to understand that you need to attract the right audience and traffic to your website. You need to know who your target audience is, and only focus on attracting them to the website, instead of amassing a large traffic which cannot be converted into sales and loyal customers.

Once you define your target audience, it’s important to post quality content to attract them to your website over competitGoogle spiderors, and remember – you must optimize every post for SEO!  You want your content to be the first thing that comes up during a Google search. Keywords are important and using them correctly can be the difference between potential clients finding you and converting into a sale or being buried on page 10 of the results.

5.     Opt For Usability Testing

Opt to get unbiased reviews about your website from strangers, who will give you valuable feedback about the different features of your site. In this way, you can improve the business site to ensure higher conversion rates.

Try implementing some of these top tips to convert more sales from your website and let us know how you get on! And don’t forget, if you are interested in Sales Training or yourself or your team, why not join us at our next Sales Success Workshop Friday 5th February.  Click here for more information and to register your place or call us on .

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