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1 to 1 Clients

“Over the past number of years I have used the services of ActionCOACH, working with Marina Bleahen. Marina was able to take an outside view on the business, and then help to put structures in place to maximise the efficiency of the business in all areas. Marina was also a great sounding board and instilled the confidence to make the changes, some of which were needed but not so popular! It has been a worthwhile project for my business.” 

Martin Taylor Managing Director, Dublin Crystal August 18, 2017

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Dear Rory,
I am writing to you today to thank you for all your help with our company over the past year. I want to express my gratitude for all your help, advice and tips that have really helped our business grow over the past while.
We had met at a business course facilitated by you and from that moment I felt as though your expertise and experience was second to none. The course was excellent and from that we at VIP decided we could do with your help on a more permanent one to one basis. You started working with us and clearly identified great actions to take to make our business better. You gave us great focus as owners and set us goals and tasks to make the business better and it did just that. You helped us to look at the smaller parts of the business, our margins, our profits, leads, sales, cut expenses etc and this all made great positive changes to our structure and model.
Over the time we worked together you gave us great ideas and helped us to implement them into our business, simple things that made big differences to our sales, we were able to increase our margins on certain products, cut costs on non profitable shops, as we have over 22 locations and we needed to evaluate were they all contributing to the whole business, some were not and we closed them down and now we have profitable stores all doing great. You also advised on our website and customers and a very simple one was to do a 24 hour offer at certain times and this helped increase sales and then we had a weekly offer you suggested to send out a reminder of this offer for the last day of it which also helped increase sales.
Overall VIP could not speak any more highly of Rory as his ideas, expertise, experience and excellent personality helped us make our business so much better. We have had to stop our coaching for the time being due to other priorities in the business but we will be working with Rory again in the near future as we will need his help again when we have other tasks set up in the company.
VIP would recommend any company who need some advice, guidance to contact Action Coach and Rory as sometimes when your head is in the middle of all the work it is hard to see the bigger picture and you can make the wrong decisions, thankfully Rory helped us not to do that and made our company and brand better for all his advice.
Thank you again Rory and we will be seeing you again very soon.
Warm Regards

Joe Dunne Director – VIP E Cigarette Ireland July 18, 2016

I have known Eddie Walsh for a number of years now and have referred his services to a number of clients. The feedback has always been consistently excellent. Eddie Walsh is a thorough professional with Business knowledge that is of the highest standard. He is very skillful and his attention to detail is outstanding.

It is very easy to recommend Eddie because you can be confident that will consistently provide the same top class service that he always has. I happily recommend the services of Eddie Walsh to anyone for business advice and coaching.

Stephen Hinde P.E.C Fire Services Ltd February 3, 2016

In a little over 6 months of coaching with Eddie Walsh we achieved a 30% growth in monthly sales compared to our previous year which is phenomenal for our sector. We also re-branded our business, employed an extra Salesperson, a Digital Marketing Manager and also opened a Dublin office.

After 14 years as a business owner, I had forgotten the reasons I had initially started out on my own. Procrastination and avoidance had become my daily work diet and passion for my business was non-existent. I had lots of good ideas but I was doing nothing to bring them to life. The ActionCoach process made me re-focus and set new goals. Eddie helped to drive me through many important business basics, creating ways of testing and measuring our success, being focused and organised. Coaching provided me with many useful tools and ideas but most importantly helped me find real work-life balance and focus on the reasons I am in business.

Highly recommended!

Paul Saxon ProWeld January 4, 2016

Only 5 months working with ActionCOACH and they have helped me personally and my business grow massively. Having a coach to guide me through obstacles and hitting goals and targets gives me a good sense of achievement.

Philly McMahon BK Fitness April 1, 2015

I have been with ActionCOACH all of 4 months and the changes I've made have been huge in my business. They have introduced me to ideas and systems I never would have implemented. It pays to have a ActionCOACH 100%

Simon Newell Renewal Water Ltd April 1, 2015

Working with my coach has changed how I view all area's of my business. I now take an outside view of all the different facets that make up the business. I also engage with the team that I work with to ensure the best decisions are made.

Michael McGilligan Enhance Marketing April 1, 2015

Working with ActionCOACH has enabled me to work ON my business rather than IN it. It has helped up to identify KPI's for each team member. Now each team member reports their KPI's on a daily basis. All employees now see their team's individual numbers on a daily score board.

John O'Hanlon National Autoparts April 1, 2015

My coach enabled me implement my dreams and actually turn them into a profitable business. I am astounded at what I have achieved in two years. ActionCOACH expands your mind and encourages you every step of the way without putting you under pressure. No matter what happens in the future I know that I have given myself and my business the best possible chance. Thanks!

Nessa McNamara Little Learners March 27, 2015

I look forward to my weekly meeting with my coach. Apart from an independent over view of my business my coach helps create clarity and perspective on issues that seem overwhelming to me. There is an element of business counselling also which is helpful. I feel my coach cares about me and my business.

Richard Creagh Rod & Cones March 27, 2015

Its fantastic! It has given me a good manager who makes sure I stay on track. We thought it was a huge investment and only expected to give it 6 months but no chance of stopping yet. Its also helped my husband and I work better together and I am also interested in the financial side now.

Mary Simons Tots & Swots March 27, 2015

I have been working with a coach from ActionCOACH for almost 3 years which has really transformed my business and my life. I have more time to spend with my family and have excellent systems in place so my business can run smoothly when I am not there.

Siobhan Monaghan Sweet Cicely March 27, 2015

We have been working with Action Coach for the past few months. Our coach has given us the tools to improve our business and to achieve greater things in both our private lives and business. We look forward to continue working with our coach as we feel it is a win win situation.

Valerie Phillips Fitzgibbon Jewellers March 27, 2015

I enjoy and get a lot out of my meetings with my coach. I find the advice and different point of view in relation to my weekly challenges very comforting. 6 weeks in and the experience is very rewarding.

William O'Reilly Wicklow Hire & Sales Ltd March 27, 2015

 Business Growth Programme

“Working with ActionCOACH has changed the way we work at Ventac.  We are now focused on working on our business instead of working in our business.

This change of mindset in how we work, has enabled Ventac to implement its Global strategy for growth. Since working with Action Coach we have grown our business by 20%.”   

Darren Fortune, Managing Director

Darren Fortune Managing Director, Ventac August 18, 2017

I'm a little over half way through the Business Growth Programme and finding it hugely beneficial. Each month I'm taking back to my work place ideas, advice and systems that can be practically put in place with immediate effect. The hour session with Eddie between workshops means that you are constantly focused on implementing new systems to make the business work more efficiently and profitably. I would recommend this course to anyone looking for practical advice to improve all aspects of their business.


Katrina Navan Travel February 3, 2016

Found course material and presenter very good. Our coach did a very professional job of responding to queries & relating replies to the specifics of all businesses in the room. The Coach was also good at holding us to account and pursuing me about tasks. In the coming months I plan to systemise my business and put in place stronger financial reporting.

Dermot Kavanagh Kavanaghs Pharmacy March 23, 2015

The programme gave me great clarity on how to function within a business and move forward from being stagnant to developing, implementing & growing a business productively & efficiently without stress & with enjoyment. To acknowledge all elements of business, the good, the bad & challenging & moving on from each.

Paula Murphy General Lighting March 23, 2015

Inspiration, Motivation, Drive, Focus - words that describe how this course has helped to look at the business from a different perspective.

Robert Chocianowicz Electronic Partner March 23, 2015

This course was a massive benefit to our work unit. My attitude and management practices have changed massively. My new approach has even influenced my work mates and standards have significantly improved.

Gary Neely Auto Paint Supplies March 23, 2015

I enjoyed each session. I enjoyed the time away from the business and found that I got a lot of creative thoughts and ideas throughout the sessions from things our coach or others suggested or talked about. Great motivation.

Helen Byrne Azure Beauty and Laser Clinic March 23, 2015

The programme has given me the motivation to push my business forward and the knowledge to know which direction I am going. Testing, measuring and especially not knee-jerking reactions. Looking at the big picture always.

Enda Bogle The Flower Shop March 23, 2015

Initially I perceived this to be just a management (business) course, but to my pleasent surprise I found the teachings to be every bit as applicable in my personal life - leading to overall better life/work balance.

John Mahon Mahon & Fox March 23, 2015

Before the programme I had given up on keeping my business going. I learned to take responsibility for my own success rather than blaming others for when things go wrong, and now I enjoy my work.

John Boyle ButterRock Restaurant March 23, 2015

This course provided me with the space to see where I need to focus on improving my business. Financial, systems, teamwork, personal development, sales & marketing. All need to be reviewed and key tasks required to improve each criteria.

Karl Demmel Sligo Graph Ltd March 23, 2015

The programme helped me to know my strength and weakness in the business. Enjoy the business more. Work on the business more and not in the business.

Oliver Holbein Holbein Carpentry & Joinery Ltd March 23, 2015

The course was very informative and I gained a lot of new skills and methods to sharpen our business practices. The course increased my confidence and sharpened my decision making. Overall the course has boosted my desire to progress and increase our sales and profit.

John O’Sullivan Bonzai Boutique March 23, 2015

From the very first meeting and through all of the coaching calls and workshops I experienced a noticeable positive output - both personal and work.

Gerry Cleary Graphic Design & Art Direction March 23, 2015

Business Leadership Programme

Having worked with ActionCOACH previously this, programme was a valuable 'Nudge' to get me refocussed again. The ideas discussed during the course are proven. We are starting a new year with confidence to drive business forward in a continued and professional manner.

Aidan Sharkey Sharkey Lifting March 23, 2015

It was a good follow on from last years course. More in-depth and allowed us to build on what we learned last year. We implemented a lot of recommended actions and have seen results.

Tara Keogh IO Resource March 23, 2015

My experience was very good and I have implemented a lot of new procedures and they are all working well.

Joe Mahon Lonergan Corporate Gifts March 23, 2015

I've thoroughly enjoyed this programme, its been hugely beneficial in helping me identify my leadership style. I have lots to work on for the coming months and into 2015.

Adeline Galligan Watercare March 23, 2015

Overall the programme has enabled me to identify my own strengths & weaknesses as a leader....Leading to me being a more focused manager.

Martina Craine Clevamama March 23, 2015

Business Planning Workshop

I have attended the GrowthCLUB quarterly Business Planning workshops and have found benefits to my business in relation to focus,clarity and responsibilities for taking actions in achieving results over a 90 day period. The tools,techniques and 6 steps approach have helped me achieve great business results over the the last 6 months. I would strongly recommend ActionCOACH quarterly growth workshops to any business in developing their business to its full potential.

Padraig Friel Director - PMC Ireland July 18, 2016

Excellent overall, our company has been in recession for 8 years. Decline in sale, redundancies, pay cuts, Short time working. All short term planning no overall, no strategy all defensive all negative. We need to restart.

Sean Breennan Maccann and Byrne ltd March 23, 2015

I have learned some great ideas and there is loads in the handouts I can really use over the next 90 days.

Lisa Willmont Nifast health and Safety March 23, 2015

The workshop is an eye opener to getting better systems and strategies in place to run our business. Working on my business rather than in & with proper communication will in no doubt improve my business sales & bottom line.

Dermot Hennessy Bon Appetit Restaurant March 23, 2015

Great to clear the head and start really planning again, Looking forward now to making some big steps forward. Now I know what needs doing – It’s a weight lifted.

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Rob Rankin, Founder & Owner March 23, 2015

It has focused me to engage in the most important aspects of the business, Create more leads, convert more, bigger margins, more profit.

Stephen Hoary Enhance Marketing March 23, 2015

Gave me a chance to work with employees outside of the normal work environment and helped to get them to buy into 90 day planning. This should improve overall business performance.

John O’Hanlon National Auto Parts March 23, 2015

This workshop gave me focus after a busy Christmas  and will help make the  first quarter successful in my objectives and setup a very profitable 2015.

Ciaran Gilligan The Duke March 23, 2015

It’s good to hear others, and how the different systems work, in different businesses, also re-focus on putting some of the systems in place my business.

Mark O’Hanlon National Autoparts March 23, 2015

Good to have time away at beginning of year to put more shape on planning and practices.

Jenny Beale Brigit's Garden March 23, 2015

Team and Leadership Workshop

This workshop  will assist with dealing with people of various behaviours and how to motivate/guide and manage them.

Craig Killian John Sisk & Son ltd March 23, 2015

I found this workshop of great benefit and I have learned a lot of which I can used within the organisation especially commutating with different  individual types and adapting the best way to approach correction and conflict.

Emma Nugent Medwise March 23, 2015

I see the DISC report a very useful tool when recruiting staff. I would like to see it used in the vetting of new staff.

Richard Bradley Tenderhearts March 23, 2015

As I am new to the management role I believe it will help me understand how the dynamics of the team work, and when time for recruitment comes the type of people we want to recruit and fit into the team will be clearer.

Deidre Conlon John Sisk & Son Ltd March 23, 2015

Information was delivered clearly and made you think. It has enlightened me as to how I can manage my own team better and has highlighted a few mistakes I have been making.

Ray Duffy Lightning Technology Ltd March 23, 2015

This workshop gave me a better understanding of my own personality, How I adapt my personality for work, how I deal with issues in work and the areas I need to work on, On myself to improve my skills with communicating with others. It was a very informative workshop, enjoyable and interactive. I enjoyed the video clips and the humour in the presentation was very well done.

Paula Murphy General Lighting March 23, 2015

I really enjoyed the workshop. This will help me manage my staff and recruit the right person for the right position.

Julie Gorman Guardian Safety March 23, 2015

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