Case Studies


Case Study # 1 – Client Name: Manufacturing Company
Business Challenge:

Client was the typical “technician” working totally in his business. He is a metal fabricator who bought a fabrication business as a going concern 4 years before we started to work together. He had build it up from a turnover of €400,000 per year to €1,250,000 in those 4 years but he himself was working long hours in doing so. He was personally responsible for all Sales, and when a sale was made he took the measurement, in many cases completed the drawings. Once the job was fabricated he managed the installation crews which completed the work on-site.


• Built a vision for the future and shared it with the team

• Designed an organisation for when the business was “finished”

• Moved some of the team to different seats on the bus. This included handing Sales responsibility to what was formerly his Administration manager and management of the installation crews to his Workshop manager.

• Set up a home office to allow Paul to work uninterrupted on his business at set times each week.

• Developed a Marketing Plan for 2008 and delegated it to his Sales Manager

• Put KPI’s in place for Sales, Manufacturing as well as Financial KPI’s for the business as a whole

• Monday morning team meeting now in place

New web site and brochure reflecting their UPS and Values.

Results: Client now agrees that he could complete his week’s work in about 2 days per week. He is now actively looking to diversify into other businesses.




Case Study # 2 – Client Name: Forestry Management Company
Business Challenge: A lack of people systems in place for standard day-to-day business processes meant mistakes were being made; leading to a lot of fire-fighting and low morale within the team, not to mention the owners of the business. A lack of structured approach and focus on cash collection resulted in cash-flow concerns. Long term strategy getting minimal attention because management was heavily involved in day-to-day operations.


• Weekly management report put in place containing key business metrics. Weekly management meeting held to analyse trends and put corrective actions in place.

• Cash collection process improved and weekly monitoring implemented. Stronger relationships built with key debtors to ensure payment terms are adhered to.

• Regular team meetings held to improve feedback and communication. Additional training provided in the areas of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. Hired in new administration person using new hiring process – a team fit and not just skills based.

• 90 Day Planning process established rolling up to annual plan. This involved the whole team and included a full review of 2007 successes and challenges.

• Operations manual started that captures all key business processes.

• Client database established with pro-active follow up with all Clients.

Results: Client now believes there is a far greater team spirit, beyond his expectations. There are measurement systems in place so that the whole team has regular feedback on how they are performing. The team is taking on far more day-to-day responsibility, allowing senior management more time to focus on strategy. There is a strong belief they can overcome any future challenges they may face and a clearer Vision for the future is being developed by the whole team. The cash in the bank is far healthier due to the improved cash collection.




Case Study # 3 – Client Name : Land surveying company with 2 employees and T/O €150,000
Business Challenge: Client is the owner, manager, team player, sales person, Account receivable person. Debt collection and time management were his biggest challenges. Business has always run on an overdraft.


• Built a vision, mission to share with team and for new website

• Time study and default diary

• Did a debtors collection system

• Systemised and documented everyday work tasks and delegated these tasks to the team

• Started reading: Business coach, E Myth, Instant Cash flow, One minute manager meets the monkey, Rich Dad Poor Dad and more.

• Monitoring Breakeven and KPI’s for invoices sent, cheques received, amount owing and target cash in bank.


For the first time ever the business is no longer working an overdraft. There is money in the bank account, Ger does not have to go on site anymore. His vision for his business has totally changed from ‘working to pay wages’ to ‘using this business as a vehicle to move on to bigger things’

Coach Name: Rob Lyons 

Case Study # 4 Client Name: Bargin Retail Distributers

Business Challenge:

Husband & Wife Team

• Deep in Debt Business Making a loss year on year(100k),

• Marriage Strained

• , Suppliers owed Money, No Credit Terms,

• Could See no Future and had no Vision,

• Stock Control out of Control

• Spending on Advertisement 70k with no Return to show.

• No Systems in Place

• No Kpi’s in Place

• No Regular Meetings/No Accountability

• No Formal structure to the Company

• No Reporting Structure/ Organisational Chart

• No Communication within the Company

• Pricing Structure and cost prices not checked

• 3 Shops under performing

• Turnover € 541,663 Jan 07 to Aug 07

• Quarter 1 2007€ 200,027

• Quarter 2 2007 € 259,001


• Look at the Profit & Loss/ Balance Sheet of the Business

• Build a Vision for the Company

• Build an Organisational Chart for the Business

• Organise a stock Take / Sell off old stock

• Implement a Time Study and Default Diary.

• Developed a Marketing Plan

• Put KPI’s in place

• Scheduled Regular Meetings

• Increased Prices 10 to 20%

• Focused on High Margin Products

• Implemented Scripts to Up sell

• Disc Profiled the owners and Staff

• Introduced Surveys for the Shops

• Reduced the Cost Base/ Rented premises

• Focus on Up Selling and Referral programs

• On Going Training

• Implemented Stock Control System

• Payment Schedule for Suppliers

• Implemented Cash flow procedures on a weekly basis

• Sales Qtr 1 08 € 247,290 : Increase of 24%

• Target Qtr 2 08 € 380,731 Increase 46%


• Old Stock identified and distributed to each Store

• Price increase generated additional income without any complaints

• Sales promotions failed but themed events work

• Most of the Business comes from referrals

• KPi’s are been recorded on a weekly basis

• Cash flow is been reported on a weekly basis

• Regular team meetings are been held

• Customer survey revealed advertising budget been spent in the wron area

• Scripts been used to upsell

• Healthy Competition between shop managers due to incentives is having a positive reaction on Sales




Case Study # 5 – Client Name: Construction Company
Business Challenge: Client was running a very successful Construction business, turning over €10m+ with a profit margin seldom seen in his industry. He also had developed many contacts and had at least three business opportunities in other fields. However he was working 70+ hours a week and could barely manage his current work load let alone take on other businesses.

He saw no way out. He did not believe that his team could take on more responsibility and was anxious at the thought of handing over key roles to someone outside the family.

As a very talented and ambitious entrepreneur this was very frustrating for him.

Actions :

• Did a time study, introduced a default diary and training on how to manage time

• Trained senior management and developed Keith’s leadership, delegation and communication skills

• Systemised all areas of the business

• Delegated to the team and focused on their skills

• Introduced team meetings

• Worked on Vision, mission and culture as well as business plan and budgets and projections

• Team are clear on KPI’s and targets

• Keiths participated in all training, networking and coaching sessions
Results: Fourteen months into the coaching process he is working one day a week in his Construction Company and two in each of the other two businesses he is now a major shareholder in. He has handed over most responsibilities to his brother and has taken on a quantity surveyor. He is confident that Helbre will show a profit for 2008 and realises that they may not have even survived the current slow down had it not been for coaching. He is also fulfilling his dream of going into other areas and feels that this is where he’ll create his real wealth. His is applying the knowledge he gained over the past year in the two new businesses and both are doing even better than he had originally thought possible.

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