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The Three Keys to Sales Success and Higher Income

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As business owners, we depend on sales to provide us with the cashflow and profit we want and need. Whether you do the selling, have others sell for you or any such combination, your revenue, profit and income will always reflect how well you turn prospects into paying customers.

So why do some owners and sales people struggle while others find easy success?

No, the answer is not that they were born salespeople or they have a natural ability to sell. The truth lies in the fact that sales success comes from three things – Attitude, Activity and Ability. 

Attitude is more than just self-confidence. Yes, you must believe you can sell before you will successfully do it!  But attitude is not just about you and your personal beliefs, especially if you have others selling for you.

What is your attitude about the products or services you offer? Do you and your team firmly believe you fill a need in the market? Can you deliver what you promise every time without fail? Do your customers get real value by working with your company or purchasing your products?  If you or your team cannot confidently say YES to these questions, selling will typically be a challenge. So how do you fix it?  Focus on improving the delivery of your service and get clear on the benefits so you (and your team) always have the WE CAN DO attitude.

Activity is all about DOING and involves marketing to generate leads and sales to convert those leads to paying customers. 
If you do not generate enough activity, you will not generate enough sales and revenue. So how much activity is the right amount? It depends on the sales and revenue goals you have set (and yes, you must have specific, measurable sales goals).

To start, ask yourself two questions. What strategies, such as cold calling, advertising, direct mail, networking, referral programs, are you using to generate leads and how consistently and frequently are you using them? All too often, small businesses rely on one or two strategies and do them when revenues drop or they get around to it. Next, look at the sales management system – or process you use to convert leads to sales and ask yourself what activities, such as follow-up calls, setting up meetings, doing estimates or proposals, making presentations, must be done to turn a lead into a sale?

Finally, set activity goals to support your revenue goals. The best way to do this is to start with the end in mind – revenue goals or number of new customers. Then, using your conversion rate, develop the number of appointments, proposals and/or leads you need to achieve this. Note, if you do not know and track your conversion rates, start doing so immediately. All successful sales people know their conversion rate(s) from lead to sale and you should too.

When we talk about someone’s ability to sell, it is all about how well he or she can uncover customer needs so they can provide the best possible solution (i.e. make the sale). To do so effectively, we must recognise two important things: First, buying decisions are primarily emotional, a desire for gain or fear of loss (or pain avoidance) and second, people buy benefits, not features. Therefore, success in sales requires that you know more than just the features of your products or services. You must know the benefits your products or services provide and understand the true emotional motivators for YOUR target customers.

Once you understand these two important facts, selling is much easier because you do not sell; you simply provide solutions that meet their needs.

So how do you uncover emotional needs and build desire for your products or services? Brian Tracy says it best – you question skillfully and listen carefully. So ask yourself this: How much of your time is spent building rapport and asking great questions? When you do ask a question, do you stay in the moment (and really listen) or is your mind focused on how you will close the deal?

A wise man once said “God gave us two ears and one mouth so we should listen twice as much as we speak.” This is great advice, especially when you are in sales!

So now you have the three keys to sales success and higher income – attitude, activity and ability! And here is the good news. All of these skills can be learned and developed if you have the desire to be successful – a passion for learning and a willingness to invest the time to make it happen. So get started – and watch your revenue and income soar!

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4 Great Ways To Build Customer Loyalty

Build Customer Loyalty

Retaining customers has never been easy, and in the digital age that we live in today, it has only got harder, with cutthroat competition and aggressive marketing strategies all around. To maintain a consistent customer base, one has to put in the effort. Any efforts toward building customer loyalty will certainly pay off. Follow these 4 tips to build strong customer loyalty.

1.     Provide Great Customer Service

Go the extra mile to keep your customers happy. Listen to their concerns and complaints and respond appropriately and promptly. Ensure that there is an accessible way for customers to communicate with you, be it by email, telephone, or social media. The reputation of your business is at stake here, so remember to always maintain an upbeat attitude towards your customers.

2.     Provide Customer Incentives

Give the customers a reason to return to your business by offering them incentives – frequent shopper points, buy two and get one free offers, etc. Make sure that the incentive is appropriate for the target audience by co-ordinating your incentive program with your marketing efforts.

3.     Stop Hiding behind Technology

Not being able to reach an actual human being at business is a common frustration, and all of us have experienced waiting so long to talk to the customer service representative that we gave up halfway. It is less likely it is that you will see that customer again if it is difficult for them to speak to the relevant personnel when they have a problem.

4.     Build Employee’s Loyalty

You will earn your employees’ respect if you are competent. Display willingness to protect your employees, and remain consistent in your actions and decisions – it will help you earn the employees’ trust. Employees will feel good about their job if you are loyal to them, and  in turn it will ensure that loyalty is passed along to your customers.

Follow these top tips to guarantee customer satisfaction and build a loyal following for your brand.

By Ailina Calip – ActionCOACH


What Are the Qualities of a Good Leader?


(He or She) is a born leader’ – how often have you heard this phrase? There are certain traits found in some people that make people regard them as natural leaders. Whether you can develop leadership skills or the traits are in-born, is debatable. Nevertheless, there are certain characteristics found in good leaders. Let’s take a look.


A good leader should be able to communicate clearly; how else are you going to communicate your vision to your team? From making it a point to talk to your staff on a regular basis, to an open door policy in your office, promote trust and convey your willingness to help. This in turn motivates them to give more to the organization in terms of increased productivity.


You are going to have to lead by example if you expect your team to work hard and be dedicated. Set the example for others; it leads to loyalty and respect for you as a leader. However, to show real commitment, you need to prove through actions that you practice what you preach.

Sense of Humour

Your work environment will become a joyful place if you have the ability to laugh at yourself and find humor in the struggles rather than dreading coming to work – employees should be motivated enough  to look forward to it. Crack jokes, laugh; it shows to your team that you are not a machine and are as humane as them.


It is crucial to raise the bar when you are responsible for a team of people. Your employees and business are a reflection of yourself. Make ethical behavior and honesty a core component and your employees will follow suit.

What are the qualities of a good leader in your opinion? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

By: Ailina Calip – ActionCOACH

Get Social or Get Left Behind – How to Build Your Platform

Get Social or get left behind- Blog Post ActionCOACH Business Coaching Ireland

Social Media has revolutionised how people discover, read and share news, information and content. If you don’t have a good online presence on a popular social media platform then you run a high risk of becoming invisible to your customers.

In the current fast-paced market, every business needs to develop and maintain individual accounts on different social media platforms to attract customers and keep them informed of the latest offerings.

With more than half of the world population being active on social media platforms if you don’t work with an active social media presence, you will get left out of the competition. What you need to do is build your brand identity on different social media platforms by following these tips:

Choose the best social media platform to reach out to your customers. It is best to do a survey and know where your target market is most active. Then create a social platform to attract media

Once that is done, make sure you ensure visibility by opting for different social networking strategies. These will help you further build your social media account, to engage the interest of your customers.

• Engage with followers through discussion and media sharing. Social Media has made marketing more conversational and gives your business the opportunity to really show its personality and makes it easy for people to connect with you.

Post interesting videos and photographs to give a valuable insight to the target market about the products and services you offer.

Start a promotional campaign by introducing contests that offer great gifts to online contestants. Introduce interesting rewards for growth and promotion.

Offer interesting news and feedback to create loyal customers on social media platforms.

Upload the latest updates about your products, services, latest attractions, events and promotional campaigns, and outlet openings on your social media platform.

Make a lasting impact on your target market, making them come back for more interesting updates and news on your products and services.

Remember its not just all about you!! Share other content that may be relevant to your product/service and engage with trending topics when they happen.

All of these points will help ensure your business is a success on social media and will help to build brand loyalty, trust and passion.

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